What We Do

We provide a lot of High Country services so you don't have to do them when you come up for vacation. Below you'll find everything that we offer. Feel free to click the images below in order to get more information. We also offer other services which you can peruse in the footer navigation.



Synonymous with property management for the most part, we provide an extra set of hands and eyes to maintain and watch over your mountain house and property. So many things can cause issues in the mountains so it's always best to catch issues quickly or before they happen.

Snow removal

We get lots of the white stuff in the High Country. We love pushing snow, so let us help you move it. That way, you can enjoy the peace and serenity instead of doing all the pushing and shoveling.

Arbor services

Our National Forest and wooded lands need a lot of attention. Standing and fallen dead create potential fire hazards for your home in the mountains. Let us handle the pick up and maintenance of your wooded lot.

staining and siding

The sun at our altitude can really beat down on your wood veneers and decks. Snow build up on decks and along the shaded portions of your cabin can also leach the stain out of your siding. It’s a good rule of thumb to stain every 3-4 years, depending on your sunlight exposure and snow load.
We are happy to provide staining quotes for decks and siding as well as installing siding for your next upgrade.


Today's internet marketing and content management can be difficult to navigate. We know the best practices that will help your business succeed online. Let’s see how we might be able to help your small business.

Website hosting

Having your own website online and ranking properly is important in order to get leads and maintain a presence. Contact us today about hosting a new website or refurbishing an old one. Catch up to the 21st century today!