Arbor & Slash Services

If you have a wooded lot, especially in National Forest, up in the High Country then you need this service. Just talk with any local fire protection district and they'll tell you that maintaining your property by culling standing dead, ladder fuels, and removing slash from the ground is essential to saving your home in the event of a forest fire. We have all the tools to deal with your clearing needs.


Thinning & Standing Dead

Thinning the trees on your property is very important in order to maintain a healthy forest but also helps in reducing potential loss of your home in a forest fire.

Standing dead (trees) should also be culled because, among many reasons, they allow fires to creep up more easily into the crown.

We also suggest, in high traffic areas, stumps are pulled and the hole backfilled.

Ladder Fuels & Slash

Ladder fuels are all the branches on a tree from the ground up to about 15-20'. It's good to cut ladder fuel for several reasons, but the most important would be to mitigate a fire from creeping up trees and maintaining visibility.

Slash provides a lot of ground fuel for fires. It's always a good idea to pile, pick up, then burn it in a controlled environment.

We do not chip slash and leave it on your property. We either haul off all slash to be chipped at the dump or perform a controlled burn. The NWFPD always suggests removing all fire fuels from the forest floor. If you want some landscaping done, having rock brought in is always best when considering potential fire hazards.

Winter Preparations

One of the best ways to prepare for Winter is to have lots of wood cut, split, and stacked ready for your wood burning stove. It doesn't matter if you have a simple decorative fire or one for heating, having plenty of wood at the ready is best for those long, cold, and dark January evenings.

We'll help you clear your property and any wood you'd like to keep we'll cut, split, and stack for you. The rest, we'll haul away for you.