We offer deck and siding staining. It's always good to stain both an exterior/uncovered deck and your wood siding at least every 3-4 years. Frequent staining helps to protect the wood from the intense sun here at altitude.

We always hand-brush stain. Many companies/contractors will spray stain on b/c it's faster, but we feel it doesn't get a good coat on the wood. There also tends to be the chance of over-spray if enough preparation is not done and buttlocks receive less coverage.

Oxidation tends to happen to wood siding which results in darkening of the siding. In order to try to prevent major oxidation, re-staining frequently helps, but we tend to embrace these natural changes in the wood. We also typically suggest darker stains so the oxidation isn't as obvious as it is with light or natural stain colorings.

When we stain decks, we like to stain the underside as well. Staining the underside, in our opinion, serves two purposes: helping to seal the underside from snow melt (which damages the joists over time) and it's more aesthetically pleasing.

Siding Installation

We install many different types and styles of siding be it wood, metal, or composites.

Wood siding tends to get washed out or bleached if it's exposed to a lot of piled snow. It's a good idea to either replace that siding w/ a material that will not get bleached such as corrugated metal or re-stain your wood siding often.

Whatever your preference of siding is, please reach out and we can discuss your needs.