Do The Right Thing, Give Back, and Enjoy Life!

That's our philosophy. Like all things in life, some times can get a little more complicated than others, but these are the simple life truths we try to live by.  After more than a decade in IT and project management, living in the city, and getting bored of the Rat Race, we uprooted our entire life and moved to the solitude, beauty, and ruggedness of the Colorado High Country. We love it up here and we know that every day in this gorgeous area is a gift and a privilege.  

After experiencing life above 9K feet, we understand that having some of the simple and tedious tasks of maintaining a mountain home managed for you can enable true enjoyment of your home and vacation time.  That's why we offer reasonable packages designed to give you peace of mind while you're away from your "home away from home."

We have several different services that we offer and we're always adding more. Be sure to check out our What We DO page to see what it is, exactly, that we do.

Because we are a small local business, we offer locals' discounts to businesses in Park and Summit County.

This view, IMO, is so much better than the concrete jungle.

This view, IMO, is so much better than the concrete jungle.