Fire Adapted Communities
- Risk assessment
- What to expect in the event of a wildfire
- Is your community fire adapted?

US Forest Service
- Great info on National Forest dos and don'ts

Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership
- Mitigation
- Fire assessments & treatment

Emergency Mgmt.

CO Division of Emerg. Mgmt.
- Disaster recovery

CodeRED Alerts
- Alerts for hazardous situations like fires, snow storms, etc. in Park County.

Wunderground Weather App
- Great weather app for iPhone and Android w/ localized weather updates uploaded by private weather stations. Quite accurate as opposed to weather updates in Fairplay proper.


Rocky Mountain Ins. Information Assoc.
- Understanding coverage in a high alpine env.
- Are you properly covered?
- Evacuation plan
- Do you have a home inventory?

Education & Research

Colorado State Forest Service
- Grants
- Mitigation Plans
- Defensible zones/space