Detailed Caretaking Services

Mt. Bross Package

Exterior Security|Property|Squatter Check:

We'll walk the exterior of your property to ensure that everything is all good.  By that we mean no windows are broken, all doors are locked and latched, any crawlspace access is secured, no trees have fallen nor damaged the home, that there aren't any squatters camping, and anything else that might be unique to your home.
If there's something in addition that you'd like us to check, definitely let us know. Oh, we'll also pick up any trash or recyclables then properly dispose of them.

Propane Level Check:

As you might know, it gets somewhat chilly up here.  If you have natural gas plumbed to the home you're lucky. Most folks have external propane tanks. It's imperative that you have a tank that's at least 20-30% full. We'll check that and make sure we don't smell any natural gas/propane leaks. If you're getting low on propane or we smell gas, we'll call you immediately.

Online Journal:

We provide an online documentation & photo journal for check-ins and updates regarding the property. We do this b/c we want you to feel good knowing that someone is truly looking in on your mountain house. It's always good to trust but verify.

Interior Check:

Taking a look on the inside of the home is always a good idea. With this package, we'll come up with a list of items you'd like us to check when we visit your home.

Pikes Peak Package

This package includes all the features of the Bross package in addition to the below.

Snow Removal (Decks and Pathways):

It snows quite a bit above 9,000 feet.  For most people, there's nothing nicer than coming to your vacation home and having a clear path from your driveway to the front door.  It's also quite pleasant having your deck(s) already shoveled so you may enjoy time in the great white outdoors having fun, not chores.  If you have a metal roof, the snow will definitely pile up on your deck so it's best to have this shoveled off quickly to avoid damaging the deck w/ huge ice and snow buildup.  We'll clear a path and decks if there's 4" or more.  Anything less than that will likely melt within 24 hours when it's sunny.

Roof Raking:

Ice dams are the Devil.  Ask anyone who has had one create a leak in their home and they'll tell you that raking your roof after a big storm is a must at elevation.  For the most part, if you have a metal roof you should be fine, but you will still likely develop ice dams on the North side of your roof.  If you have an asphalt roof, you should definitely consider this service b/c ice dams are most prevalent on these types of roofs.  Here are some pictures of what they look like and the damage they can cause.

Additional Visits:

We'll make additional visits to your home after high winds, significant snowfall, and acts of God.  High winds are most prevalent, so it's always good practice to make sure no trees have been blown over.  Unfortunately, it's always a possibility that there could be a fire up here.  Any number of things could happen year-round, so it's always best to have your bases covered and have us check on on your place.

Mt. Princeton Package

This package includes all the features of the Bross and Pike packages in addition to the below.

Arrival Preparations:
Having your mountain house warm, lights on, wood stacked, hot tub turned on, and your deck shoveled when you arrive is a great way to start your vacation.  Everyone's different, but for the most part we'll complete this checklist of items (if applicable) to prepare your home for your arrival. Just give us a call or e-mail at least 48 hours before you arrive and we'll get your place ready.
If you have additional things you'd like us to address before your arrival, we can discuss that and make it part of your package.

Tree Removal/Thinning and Brush/Slash Clearing:
One of the most important aspects of having a home in a high alpine environment is being a good steward of the forest we live in.  Clearing slash and having a defensible space around your home helps protect your investment, provides wood for the winter, helps out a little w/ insurance costs, and, most importantly, gives firefighters a better chance of saving your home in case of a forest fire.  We will remove dead wood, clear ladder and floor fuels, haul piled slash from your property, cut down standing dead, and thin dense forest to promote a healthy ecosystem.
Here's our resources page so you may peruse sites that will give you more information about owning a home in a high alpine environment.

Additional Check-ins:
Some folks have good reason to check on their mountain house frequently. With this package, we can figure out a frequency that best suits your wants and needs. In addition to a custom visit journal for your home, we'll also be checking in if there are high winds, heavy snowfalls, or other acts of God, just like in the Pikes package.

Unique Items:
The most popular item on this checklist are hot tubs. There are a LOT of them up here. If you have a hot tub, or another unique thing about your mountain house that you'd like watched, let us know and we'll add that to the list of items we check for you.

Overseeing Contractors:
Most owners wouldn't have the time nor be able to meet contractors/cleaners at a second home here in the High Country. That's where we come in. If you happen to have cleaners or a contractor coming over to clean/fix something, we'll head over and let them in for you.  We'll return later to be sure that the work is done and that your home is properly locked up and lights turned off. In our opinion, you always need to verify things are done, cleaned, and locked up.